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i need a little help

Question asked by adam logan on Oct 16, 2013

im needing to ask a person with a degree in chemistry a question about
vinegar and mold, let me explain my issue:


I have a blanket that has some mold on it, I accidentally spilled tomato
soup on it and thought I rinsed it out, and I guess I was wrong about that, it
has a great deal of value to me(had it since before a fire and my lost cat used
it as a place to sleep when she was with me), im afraid to use bleach on it
because I don't want to have the colors fade, ive heard vinegar would kill mold
but I don't know if that is right, now for my question:




can I use vinegar to kill the mold and safely wash the blanket without
damage to the colors or anything on it? if yes, are there are any special
instructions I need to follow to use vinegar? will it interact with the

detergent or whatever its called that one would normally wash laundry with?