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    Division and Regional Meeting partnerships

    Donivan Porterfield

      I will be making a presentation at the Regional Meeting Planning Conference to General Chairs and Program Chairs of upcoming ACS regional meetings.  The intent of my presentation will be to provide some guidance on how they can partner with ACS technical divisions to deliver the best possible technical program to our members attending regional meetings.  While I have some ideas on the subject I also welcome the thoughts of others involved in other and obviously larger divisions!  You can e-mail me directly at the address below or contribute through the ACS Network.


      Mr. Donivan Porterfield – dporterfield@lanl.gov

      ACS Division of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, member

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          Joseph Sabol


          I will not attend RMPC 2013 (I attended in 2012, representing SCHB) but I support efforts that enable divisions to program more effectively at regional meetings. One concern is the tangible cost for a division to organize and recruit speakers, make a donation to the RM, and send a representative to a RM; this could be $1-2k/RM and for small divisions practically limits involvement to 2-3 RM/yr. Divisions receive no tangible ROI for RM activity and a finding mechanism outside IPGs would help, e.g., annual allocation component, another category of IPG, or a way to share profits from the RM, i.e., a division invests in a RM and then receive a portion of the profit.


          ps, any 2014 RMs at RMPC, if you want SCHB's help, please contct me ASAP with ideas of what you need from SCHB.

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            Lynn Hartshorn

            Donivan--I am glad that you ill be attending RMPC; especially since I am unable to attend this year. Are you aware that Michelle  Stevenson and our  RM sub-committee have been putting together a list of Divisional contacts for Regional Meeting planners who wish to partner with a  technical Division for their regional meeting?   It is now fairly complete, and Michelle will be able to give you the latest edition .  Of course some Divisions, such as Chem Ed and Organic and Small Chemical  Businesses  have been providing grants and/or programming  at Regional Meetings  for a while. (Thanks Joe! )  Others have not done so much but would probably be glad to assist--especially if the Division is strong in the RM geographic area  . Lynn

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                Donivan Porterfield

                Lynn and Joe,


                Much thanks for the quick responses.  I have asked for and received the list of Division contacts for Regional Meeting planners.  I have also forwarded my same request for input to them directly - not sure who many are in this ACS Network group.


                While it is my plan to provide advice on how best to work with ACS technical divisions to support programming at regional meetings I will also balance that against the resource limitations that most divisions face in doing so.  As well the divisions providing such support are taking the long view that such efforts will bring greater member participation in their respective division in the future.  That given the lack of consistent tangible ROI in the near term.

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                Donivan Porterfield

                Just as follow up to the mentioned presentation above, the ACS Office of Regional Meetings provides to regional meeting program chairs a list of Division contacts that can be approached regarding potential support.  That list contains contact information for 31 of the 32 technical divisions.  The one understandable omission is the Rubber Division since they meet separately.


                The web page below currently includes the link to request that contact list from Office of Regional Meetings staff:



                While I believe that in the Division annual reports the names of those Division contacts for regional meetings is requested; in talking to ACS Office of Regional Meetings staff I didn't get the sense that the received responses on that question are shared with them routinely, i.e. annual basis.  So the respective Division and Regional Meetings staff may want to see if updates need to be made based on the Division annual report submissions from earlier this calendar year.


                I have separately uploaded to this ACS Network group the PowerPoint of the provided presentation.  The content of that presentation benefited from the responses of several division representatives.


                I should also note that Frank Creegan also spoke at the same RMPC on the support to regional meetings provided by the Division of Chemical Education.  That support including both for technical sessions and the high school teacher awards.  So as not to duplicate Frank's content I specifically excluded from my presentation describing the excellent and well managed support from the Division of Chemical Education.