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A paradox in physics interesting for physical chemistry.

Question asked by Han Geurdes on Oct 24, 2013

Dear Colleagues,


Please forgive me if I use this forum to start a discussion about my work in foundational physics / spin chemistry. Since quite some time I am no longer active as Chemist but I work as business consultant in the IT (Finance end Oil & Gas market) . However, I continued to do research in my free time. The topic was and is Bell's theorem in Einstein Podolsky and Rosen's paradox.


Ok, perhaps more nutcases like me came around claiming the solution. However, I think I am pretty close. The discussion format does allows attachment of my papers. So I will do that. The 128..... paper is an Optical Engineering paper and shows the start of the analysis that CHSH has a probability loophole. The ACP ... paper shows from a mathematical point of view where the trouble could reside in Bell's formulation of the LHV explanation of spin-spin correlation. However, there are papers and a conference talk in preparation for publication. I do not include them.


Anyway, I would like to talk about the implications of possible LHVs in a field such as spin chemistry. A am a new member to ACS so I thought... hmmm chemistry, ACS,... you never know if more interested people are to be found. Btw I asked a famous Japanese chemist, Dr Yoshi Tanimote, his opinion. He told me he first want to think more thoroughly about my question. So in the mean time.... let us try to talk about spin-chemistry and possible LHVs.



Han Geurdes