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    Dallas National Meeting Theme

    Shawn Torres

      Meeting topics will include:

      • Catalysis for clean energy technologies:
        biomass conversion; reduced emissions;
        electrocatalysts for batteries, fuel cells, and artificial photosynthesis
      • Harnessing the energy of the sun:
        photovoltaic; solar thermal; solar fuels; artificial
        photosynthesis, biomass conversion
      • Materials for extremes:
        corrosion resistant materials; materials for high T/P; next generation lightweight materials for transportation and other applications (e.g., carbon fiber, polymers, etc.)
      • Nuclear materials and fuels:
        fuel cladding, fuel recycle, radiation resistant materials (structural materials and concrete)



      • Energy storage materials:
        batteries and capacitors
      • New materials and systems for the grid:
        superconductivity; rare earths (substitutes,
        recovery); grid-scale storage; generation technologies
      • Materials for energy efficiency:
        thermoelectrics, solid state lighting, building materials (insulation, coatings, roofing, windows)
      • New technologies for enhanced recovery of fossil fuels
      • CO2 sequestration and conversion