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NanoCubes Required - TEM, STEM

Question asked by alaa afeef on Dec 2, 2013
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Hi Everyone!


Are you aware of a company or group that can provide some nanocubes

(such as Au, TiC or Ag nanocubes)? Actually we are looking for

nanoparticles with cubic shape morphology that are stable under the

electron beam (low knock-on damage). So far the best Nanoparticle we

could find is the Gold–Copper Bimetallic and Titanium carbide (TiC)

Nanocubes, but unfortunately we don't have the experience to

synthesize it!


Any Help You Can Give Will Be Greatly Appreciated!


Thank you and wish you a good week start!


Ala' Afeef,

Glasgow University


Sir Alwyn Williams Building, Lilybank Gardens, University of Glasgow,

Glasgow, G12 8QQ, Scotland.