Louis Dupont


Discussion created by Louis Dupont on Jan 14, 2014

Welcome to the 2014 Chemistry at the Mall event planner!!  Although the date and venue have not been selected yet, I thought I would write a post to describe this community.  If you are a stage demonstrator, or a company who has volunteered to host a table, this community will be a good place to list the experiments you are considering doing.  Please look over the posts of other companies in order to minimize the number of "repeat" activities at our 2014 chemistry fair.  The theme for the year is "Candy:  The Sweet Side of Chemistry".  Please know that I will be inviting a number of confectionary companies, which will free you up to do what ever it is you feel comfortable doing, candy or not.  Remember that your participation is the most important thing, and I thank each of you for volunteering your valuable time.  If you have ideas for experiments that you think might be fun and informative, but you don't plan on performing yourself, please list them here, and clearly mark them as such.  If you are a volunteer who is planning on using anyone elses suggestions, please mention this as well.  There is nothing wrong with having repeat activities, but it should be our goal to have as few of these as possible, so that the event can be as engaging as possible to the participants.  With your participation, this years chemistry fair will be a sweet fair indeed.