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Dealing with Gimmick in Lab Management

Question asked by Abdul-Hafiz Sanni on Jan 13, 2014

You ever had to manage a laboratory of academic exercises? I am so foolishly friendly or may be lazy that lab wares are collected by students and teachers without a log book record. Then it comes to the time same wares are needed for some class activities and experiments only to find that I have no tools with me. Then I forget and struggle to remember who took what. This is bad management for me. So what can you say about this?

Again I am a new staff and have my senior colleague having been on the job for over 20 years. He is not as educative for my liking in the skills of the job. I am many times puzzled if this is science or just anything going. Can you imagine that we have never been made to feel concerned that we need distilled water for many laboratory preparations rather than tap water. We buy chemicals and organic solvents from chemical vendors but I feel we ought to test for purity of these stuffs before going ahead to use them.

I want to impart on my lab some scientific changes so what do you advice I do about starting and making my way all through. I love science but it appears to me that science is yet to happen around me.