Louis Dupont

Roving Table Activities

Discussion created by Louis Dupont on Jan 14, 2014

Like last year, we will have a "roving" table with small experiments designed to be brought into the croud, or that can be performed at the table.  We will have the following activities at this table:

  • Lava lamps.  This is an interesting way to teach basic scientific principals such as polarity and density.
  • Balancing bird.  Honestly, this was huge, particularly with young children.  A bird that is perfectly balanced, so that you can easily suspend it on your finger.
  • Tornado generator.  It is simply a tube which connects 2 large soda bottles together.
  • Diffraction grating.  Kids marvel at how a white light can be split into its constituant colors.
  • Mirrage:  This is a device which makes a perfect image of an object placed inside (like a coin).  It looks real, but it is just an image of the object.


If I think of any activities that others can do, I will list them below.