Greg Smith

Wood Recycling Solutions

Discussion created by Greg Smith on Jan 18, 2014

Wood Recycling as a core framework for Terra-forming.  Our planet supplies something that most don't.  Life.  Im not an educated person but I ask the smart people of this site if they could develop a few ideas.  If you haven't seen this article or the publications please do.  Wood chips to biofuel in hours


Is it possible to soak a wood chip into a solution that can extend the burn time as well as adhere for the pressurized molding?


Talbott Industries is a wood burning generator system that produces 100kw per hour.  You could have small wood recycling centers taking in yard waste and produce energy from something that will decompose if left unattended away.  Minimize the stress on nuclear energy, which I still believe is currently our only mass form of power supply for such an enormous demand.  When we get a little more smarter I believe we will be able to ween ourselves from it but now its the most practical.


Wood Recycling mulch for sludge and solid waste recycling on an industrial level could re-soil the State of Texas.   I believe the composting practices used today provide an efficient turn over.  The possibility of turning garbage into renewable resources is the end goal and a multi-functioning resource as well.  Clean Soil is a demand for our planet.