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While unemployed and authoring a manuscript, what shall I put as a job title?

Question asked by Matthew Miller on Feb 11, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2014 by Matthew Miller

I am currently unemployed and have first-authored two publications which are under internal review at my previous employer.  What is the best approach for:

1 - my affiliation to list for the journal (some journals require some affiliation and you can not leave it blank);  I don't have a clue here

2 - my job title (under experience) while I am still looking for employment and am in the process of preparing manuscripts; my thought is to list something like manuscript author or manuscript author / editor

3 - shall I list the manuscripts in my publications list when they are under review (after the editor has accepted the manuscript for review and not outright rejected it)?  My thought was to list the journal and author list, the title, the journal, and put under review in paranthesis