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Dipropylene Glycol, Vaping

Question asked by Benjamin Greene on Apr 25, 2014

Can dipropylene glycol, of sufficient purity, be used to make e-liquids safely?


Regular PG is used for e-cigarettes.


I have had people say that Dipropylene Glycol shouldn't be used.


I know what the regulations say, I have read them.


(The FDA does not list dipropylene glycol as GRAS but it it approved for cosmetics use, and for fog machine use. Title 15 EPA regulations registrations of propylene glycol and dipropylene glycol are the same. The registration says that there is "no logical endpoint of toxicity...")


I have heard people, who don't seem to understand much about the sciences say blankly that DPG is not to be used for this application, but have not been able to answer why.


Regulations aside, DPG of sufficient purity does not seem to have have a safety profile significantly different from PG.


Any help much appreciated.