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Working with Hydroflouric Acid

Question asked by Harvey Bamford on Jul 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2014 by Harvey Bamford

Hello members.


I will be using 70%  Hydrofluoric Acid  for a product cleaning process


I would like to know what is the best recommend chemical for neutralizing the Hydrofluoric Acid after the acid has been used.


Some web sites recommend Sodium Hydroxide while other websites and safety related data recommend that Sodium Hydroxide not be used because of the exothermic reaction.


Is there a general ratio of neutralizer added to the acid  to turn the acid neutral.


Say for 10 liters of 70% Hydrofluoric Acid many kilos of neutralizer would be needed??


Also what would be the  best way to neutralize the Hydrofluoric Acid fumes that occur during my product cleaning process.


My processing equipment includes a Acid fume vent line that vents the fumes off to a safe area away from the work area.


I would like to also neutralize the acid fumes before the fumes are released into the atmosphere.


I am thinking of a vertical inline scrubbing filter using sodium hydroxide pellets contained inside the filter apparatus would absorb the fumes and neutralize the