Amy Tesolin-Gee

Post-event News Coverage

Discussion created by Amy Tesolin-Gee on Jul 21, 2014

Hello All!  Just thought I would take a moment to share that the Midland Section has sometimes had reporters from local papers provide coverage of our events.  We always invite them to come, but it is often "iffy" as to whether or not they'll be there.  So, for the last couple science cafes, I took my own notes and submitted the write-ups to our local paper.  We have had good success (Thanks to Jack Telfer, Midland Daily News Editor) in getting these first articles to run: ticle_6d03ba28-9343-5778-bf78-721a5d458bb6.html le_99ff8fb0-bb43-5024-bd82-01a4f5e62a18.html



Post-event coverage is a great way to extend the learning value of our STEM-related events to the public, as well as--hopefully--encourage people to be more receptive toward attending future events.


I would love to hear thoughts and ideas from other PR chairs.