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Question asked by Louis Dupont on Jul 29, 2014

I would like each of you to consider someone who might submit a design for the T-Shirts for this year.  And that person could be YOU!!


The theme for National Chemistry Week, 2014 is "Candy:  The Sweet Side of Chemistry". You do not have to adhere to the theme, though.  There is no limit to the number of drawings that can be submitted by the same person.  Note that the drawing will be a single color (black on a light colored shirt, or white on a dark colored shirt).


The company I am working with has said that they prefer EPS or vector art for the submissions, but they have worked with .jpeg files in the past, so these are OK too.


Any drawings should be submitted in electronic form to me no later than Friday, September 12.  Please submit them to my ACS e-mail address (


The winner will receive a shirt.


The 2 drawings for artwork for the shirts are attached.  Thanks everyone for participating!!