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What worked & what didn't related to AGFD at the National Meeting in San Francisco?

Question asked by Kathryn Deibler on Aug 14, 2014

First, and foremost, THANK YOU! I learned so much in preparing for this meeting - particularly how invaluable your support and contribution is to the success of the meeting and the Division - and had a great time. I received many compliments about the program which were more deserved for this wonderful team; I wish I could consolidate them and deliver them all to you - the AGFD certainly shined at this meeting. I cannot fully express my deep gratitude for all your help and support.


Now, before you have blocked out the array of experiences in the California culture, I would like to ask you to think about what worked, and what didn’t work here. This will allow us to continue to grow and improve with direction based on multiple points of view (instead of my singular perspective). Think about how we could better support and encourage symposia organizers, speakers, and attendees. To help perhaps spur some ideas, below are some of the input I have received so far. Feel free to send your comments to me privately or to the entire group.


I will try to minimize the post-meeting communications. I encourage you to consider checking the ACS Network, "AGFD Officers and Committee" group periodically for discussion threads and information


See you in Denver!


Best regards & many thanks,



Some feedback received so far:

- while we avoided any scenes of competitive musical chairs, the rooms were quite a bit too large

- as always, keeping to the schedule was often a challenge

- the screens needed to be slightly angled so the speakers could see the projections easier, and the podium and screens closer in proximity

- needed audience microphones for questions

- remote slide advancers were essential but not available in some cases

- maps to the banquet would have been helpful

- the name-badge ribbons (past chair, organizer, exec committee, etc) were well received

- consider offering bagels (but no cream cheese) for Thursday morning programming