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Event Insurance Coverage for Student Member Chapters

Question asked by Donivan Porterfield on Aug 19, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2014 by Blake Aronson

During the recent ACS 2014 fall national meeting in San Francisco I spoke to the Faculty Advisor for a Student Member Chapter in our Local Section.  The Advisor had a question about insurance coverage of Student Member Chapter events that are held off campus.  For example if the Student Member Chapter organizes a chemical demo at a local K-12 school or other public venue would there be coverage in case of an unfortunate event.  The Faculty Advisor assumes that for any event held on their own campus that their own institution has appropriate insurance coverage.


On the following "Organize a National Chemistry Week Event" web page there is a link regarding "Event Insurance Coverage": tml


The "Event Insurance Coverage" document seems very specific regarding applying to the "American Chemical Society (ACS), Local Sections, and Divisions" and there is no mention of Student Member Chapters.  Since the Student Member Chapters are suggested to consider Community Service events it would seem that similar insurance coverage would be appropriate.


Any additional information that I can provide to this Student Member Chapter Faculty Advisor?