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Odor Free, Quick Drying, Food Safe Solution

Question asked by Jeromy Mason on Aug 26, 2014

Had a quick question for you chemical geniuses out there:


I need a quick drying/fast evaporating chemical that must be approved for use with food (i.e. food safe, safe for household) that does NOT give off any odor.


VOC emissions must also be low to nonexistent, and alcohols cannot be used.


What eco-friendly, cost effective, food safe, rapid drying, odor free chemicals do you know of that meet the above criteria?  The solution should be a liquid at room temperature that rapidly dries/evaporates. 


Of course, water is safe.  However, the drying time for water is far too slow for our purposes.


Any assistance that you provide is greatly appreciated.


Thank You,

Jeromy Mason 

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