Josh Kurutz

@-mentioning names shows usernames, not people names

Discussion created by Josh Kurutz on Sep 8, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2014 by Christine Brennan Schmidt

Hi ACS Network,


I noticed on a document I created last year that the names I plugged in by @-mentioning now present themselves as usernames, not people names. Whereas I used to be "Josh Kurutz" there, I'm now Josh Kurutz.


I noticed this in my own Jive community after we did a point upgrade, and we found this information:

The system property which controls this is skin.default.hideFullNamesInMentions. When this is set to false the full names appear.


I suspect this was not an administrative decision, but a side-affect of the recent upgrade. I think the community would prefer to have names displayed as Firstname Lastname. Could you please fix it?




- Josh


P.S. Thanks SO much for extending the automatic logoff duration! It's much easier to use the Network now that we don't have to log in so often.