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Bonding paint (acrylic or otherwise) to dive mask silicone

Question asked by Jesse James on Sep 25, 2014



So I've been trying for some time now to bond paint (starting with sharpies to oil based to water based paints) to the silicone used on dive mask skirts. The last process has been to mix acrylic paints into silicone sealant and apply, but the surface remains oily and EVERYTHING will rub right off with the slightest pressure. I will not give up on this, so I've come to asking a chemist...


Because the surface has to remain flexible still and will be exposed constantly to saltwater, I understand I am practically asking the impossible. Is there any way to bond paint (any kind) to an oily silicone material found in dive mask skirts? I would assume I would have to prime the area (which I've also tried already with alcohol, denatured, alcohol, and even stripper) then apply a paint and seal.


Please help!


-Jesse James


Ps. I've even tried using 3M's 5200 as a paint to draw on designs. Finished result just wipes off like the rest...