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Photon is everything! Photon is everything!

Question asked by Mitsuru Yamada on Oct 1, 2014
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I am still reading John Gribbin's book "Schroedinger's Kittens."  According to chapter 5 of this book, photon is everything.  All what we experience involves photon.  For example, when we see and recognize the letters displayed on the computer screen, it is because the photon is emitted from the display panel and the atoms in our eye receive it, and further our nervous system and our brain work via the successive chemical reactions in the synapses.  The chemical reactions in the synapses, that is, the release of neural transmitter substance is based on chemical principle, that is, the interaction between the outermost electrons of the reactants, which in turn, can be interpreted by the theory of  exchange of photons.  The author John Gribbin explains even the chemistry in this way.  Interestingly further, he writes that we cannot sense, feel, touch or smell directly the atoms that constitute the world around us.  Instead we perceive this world by the exchange of photons.  All of physical and chemical phenomena cannot but be viewed as the process of the exchange of photon.  Thus photon is everything.


Do you agree with him, Sirs?

Are my understanding and wording correct and enough for you?


Thank you for reading