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Copper oxidation with sulfuric acid

Question asked by Tyler King on Dec 8, 2014

I'm looking for an alternative method of reacting copper with sulfuric acid to produce copper (ii) sulfate. The only reaction I am able to find otherwise involves heating the solution and concentrating the acid through evaporation. Since a fume hood is not readily available to me for this experiment, I am hesitant to fill my "lab" with caustic vapors if it can be at all avoided, and would prefer to do it inside because of humidity and other atmospheric contaminants in my area. Previously working with Cu and HCl, I find that addition of a peroxide greatly increases the reaction rate, but contaminates my product with hydrogen cations. Might a peroxide speed up the Cu/H2SO4 reaction by some reasonable amount, or does somebody know of another method of running the reaction at or near room temperature?