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Organic Batteries Research

Question asked by Shabaz Ali on Dec 18, 2014

I am a chemical engineering student with sufficient background in organic chemistry. My school participates in a the Chem-E-Car competition sponsored by the AlChE. It is my first time on the team and my idea was to use organic batteries as the powering mechanism. There was a paper published by a Harvard group which shows some promising uses of organic batteries. They used quinones as the redox couple. I was wondering how long it would take a small group of chemical engineers to develop a toy car that runs on organic batteries. My current research mentor is the head of the chemistry department with 30 years of industrial experience in drug discovery, who has agreed to provide support for the synthesis of the quinones. I was hoping that someone here would be kind enough to enlighten my on whether this is a too ambiguous of a plan for a group of undergraduates. If not what are some steps that should be taken in order to further guarantee success.



Shabaz Ali