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A petit chemical question

Question asked by Mitsuru Yamada on Dec 25, 2014
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Dear all,


First please be informed that as to the chemistry I am a perfect layman.


Please consider a phenol molecule of which -OH group is attached onto some substrate surface.  And please assume that one of the six carbon atoms is labeled by a radioactive isotope 13C.  I think that we usually image that each of the carbon atom is fixed at each specific corner of the hexagon.  I think that we usually regard that the entire electron cloud is working in order to fix the each carbon nucleus on its own position forever.


Here I would like to ask a question.  All of the nuclei in the benzen ring are quantum entities.  So, it inclines me to suppose that all of the member nuclei are suffering positional uncertainty.  That is, I would like to imagine that the 13C nucleus might be wandering from corner to corner, or even jumping the next corner and arriving at the third corner as the time passes.  Do you think such a positional leap or an exchnage of nucleus without disturbing the quantum mechanical state of the entwining electron cloud is possible?


Thank you for reading