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    Questions about Basification

      SWIM is performing a fairly simple A/B extraction of Trichocereus cactus alkaloids for research purposes with animals (NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION) and was wondering when you get to the basification step of the acidic aqueous layer containing the extracted alkaloids, would NaOH or Na2CO3 be a better base for maximizing your potential yields of the spectrum of cactus alkaloids present in some Trichocereus ssp. of cacti?

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          Joseph Clark

          What acid are you using? It may be useful to us NaOH as a base if you are using HCl as an acid.  If you don't have NaOH, try KOH or Ammonia instead. Hope this helps!

          P.S. I've never used the Na2CO3, but it's a weak base so I would think it wouldnt take the reaction close to what you're looking for.