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ACS Online Store - future of Element Pins and other items

Question asked by Donivan Porterfield on Mar 2, 2015

When looking at putting together an order in the ACS Online Store I was considering some Element Pins.  In looking over the associated descriptions for several Element Pins I noted the following:


"This series has been discontinued. We are selling only the remaining stock and do not have plans to restock pins once they are sold out. If you are unable to find the desired element, it is no longer available for sale."


Some elements I took a look at indeed were already at the point of being sold out and no longer available.


There were some other items that I was considering but I found them to be out of stock.  I was initially thinking that was due to some early procurement efforts by other local sections in advance of Chemists Celebrate Earth Day but the above note gets me to wondering if a more significant change in the product line of the ACS Online Store is in the works?


Once upon a time the Periodic Table Scopes were pretty popular and something we routinely ordered.  However, I would note that the quality of a not insignificant percentage of the Scopes we received was poor to bad.  We would routinely check out each and everyone one to avoid the disappointment of some young kid getting a bad one.  Another item we would periodically order were the small plastic flasks with the pop top lid but haven't seen those in a while.


I would note that the ACS Online Store web site is a little frustrating when you go to the page for a specific item and that page says it is "In Stock" in large green letters and defaults to a order quantity of "1".  After pondering how many I might need I input that value and select "Add to Cart" only to get an "Out of Stock" in large red letters.  After a series of lesser and lesser quantity values I find that even the original default quantity of "1" was never actually in stock.  Too much to ask that the system indicate from the get go that the item is just plain "Out of Stock"?