Evan Rogers

Is it OK to freeze saline sodium citrate solutions?

Discussion created by Evan Rogers on Jun 3, 2015

have a quick chemistry question I’m hoping someone might be able to answer.  I’m working on formulation of a plasmid DNA product and a buffer we are using is SSC – saline sodium citrate.  We have a study going where we are storing our DNA frozen in 1X SSC, and I had someone mention that you can’t freeze SSC.  All I could find online or talking with suppliers is that you shouldn’t freeze 20X SSC stock solution, but they can’t tell me why and can’t tell me if it’s okay to freeze 1X.  I’ve heard all sorts of things ranging from precipitation to pH change.  Does anyone know if it is OK to freeze a 1X solution of SSC?  Just for your info:


20X SSC = 3M NaCl in 0.3M sodium citrate (pH 7.0)



  1X SSC = 150mM NaCl in 15mM sodium citrate