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    Hispanic students

    David Terrell

      It seems to me that there is a need for outreach to students who identify themselves as Hispanic/Latino. Is there a difference in the way you do your outreach to a specific minority? Or do you outreach in the same way for all.

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          Michael Carrillo

          I being a Hispanic descendant, I= can tell you that reaching out to a certain minority is not hard. Just catch the attention of one and others "might " follow. I content to your statement " do you outreach in the same way for all" certainly not. The reason being is that others might like the tangible subject, while others can't even stand the names of STEMS. Honestly the best way I found Chemistry t o be my thing was because of my professors.

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            Jay Brown

            Our undergraduate Chemistry Club provides outreach to everyone in the form of Chemistry Reaction Shows and other events typical of such organizations. Our students are the best ambassadors you can hope for to inspire the next generation of scientists. Occasionally they receive a request from a specific group, but these activities have universal appeal. Modifying these activities for a specific group is really not necessary. Everyone seems to like a good Chemistry Reaction Show.