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    LGBTQ+ at 2016 Spring National ACS Meeting San Diego

    Barbara Belmont

      Events and sessions of interest to the LGBTQ+ community at the 2016 Spring National ACS Meeting in San Diego.

      LGBTQ reception will be in at the Fall National ACS Meeting.


      Sunday, March 13, 5-7pm

      ACS Diversity Reception

      Hilton San Diego Bayfront

      Aqua Salon D

      Sponsored by the ACS Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board


      Sunday, March 13, 8-10pm

      Poster: Welcoming work environments and broadening participation for LGBTQ+ chemists

      at the PRESIDENTIAL EVENT: My Comments to the President's Task Force on Employment

      Hall D - San Diego Convention Center


      Monday, March 14, 1:45-5pm

      LGBT Chemists' Symposium on Chemical Biology

      Carolyn Bertozzi: Why do cancer cells have altered glycosylation? C

      Derk Trauner: Controlling biological pathways with unnatural chromophores

      James Nowick: Understanding amyloid diseases with chemical model systems

      Jay Keasling: Engineering microbes for production of chemicals and fuel

      Panel Discussion:  Why LGBT issues matter in the chemical sciences

      Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina

      Marina Salon E

      Sponsored by: PROF

      Cosponsored by: BIOL, BIOT, MEDI, ORGN, PRES and WCC

      Financially supported by: Immediate Past President Diane Grob Schmidt and President-Elect Allison Campbell


      Are you a member of the LGBTQ+ community and presenting at the Spring ACS Meeting in San Diego?  Toot your horn by replying to this discussion with the name, time, date, and location of your presentation!