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Future SCC Private Website for Appointed Committee Members Work in Progress and Other Documents

Question asked by James Chao on Mar 14, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2017 by James Chao

I would like to propose that after the forum is built out, that we work on a Website in the ACS Network that serves as a place where the work of the committee is shared privately.  This can include documents such as minutes of meetings, agenda books, rosters, contributions to the Senior Chemists Newsletter, and Web data metrics to improve our impact to the society.  Forms such as surveys from Speed networking, and approvals for travel expenses, etc. can be found and/or created using such tools akin to Google forms or minimally as links to the appropriate documents on Google Forms.


This is necessarily serves a different purpose than the forum, as it contains our work in progress and other internal information that are not ready to be posted to all senior chemists or ACS members.  It is similar to what some private corporation create which is an intranet... which is a private website.


What do you think?  or do we have better ways of accomplishing this by making adaptations to the Senior Chemist Website?