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Volunteers for STEM-based career fair in New Haven, CT

Question asked by Emily Wong on Apr 17, 2016

Hello fellow ACS members!


I am helping to organize a career fair for local high school students in New Haven, CT and am looking for people with math/chemistry/physics backgrounds to come and talk with the kids. Is anyone local and willing to help out? The career fair is part of an effort to encourage underrepresented group participation in STEM fields, and the goal is to show the students both how versatile and multifaceted a STEM degree can be, as well as to talk students through the actual process of being a STEM major and exploring the career landscape. Career fair is May 19th, 2016. Sadly, my organization (ManyMentors) doesn't have funds to defray travel and housing costs so we're hoping to get local volunteers. Thanks for your help!




P.S. Whoops, contact at Thanks!