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    How to get amylose and amylopectin out of a solution?

    kevin schulte

      The solution is propylene glycol , I dont want to break it down into simpler sugars with enzymes


      I know the general chain length of each (26 for the amylopectin) but the amylopectin branches so I don't know if they make filter paper small enough to catch it all (I have a vacuum filter setup) , any ideas? - could I add something to make the starches agglutinate and then filter out with a larger pore size filter?

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          Mark Gebert

          Is this an aqueous solution of propylene glycol because I don't think amylose or amylopectin are soluble in 100% propylene glycol.  And indeed that would be one of my approaches - try to reduce the water content of the solution in order to precipitate the amylose and amylopectin out of solution.  You can reduce water content many different ways.   If the concentrations of the amylose and amylopectin are relatively low you might be able to use adsorption to remove them.