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    Lack of green chemistry trained chemists

      It's generally accepted that there is a shortage of green chemistry trained chemists, particularly those just finishing their undergraduate and graduate educations. What resources are available for further training/ certification to give students a chance of breaking into green industry?

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          Hi Peter,


          There are a growing number of educational resources that might be of interest.


          We have listed a few on our (WA Dept of Ecology) Green Chemistry Continuing Education page which we try to keep updated with both online and Washington trainings (related to both Safer Alternatives and Green Chemistry) and trainings.  If one is rather unfamiliar with green chemistry, the GC3 Safer Chemistry Training has a number of speakers presenting on a range of topics.  If one want a certificate, University of Washinton's Professional and Continuing Education offers an online certificate on Green Chemistry and Chemical Stewardship.


          If one has finished undergrad but is looking to go get a MS or PhD the ACS has a great list of US and International Green Chemistry Programs.