Green Chemistry for younger children in Harlem, NYC

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I am the director of a democratic school in Harlem, NYC, where the children have started learning about Chemistry at the age of 4. This did not happen because we imposed it on them but because they had asked to learn it. As a democratic school, the children design the curriculum so Chemistry became one of the topics they studied for some time now.


We are at a point where we have a couple of 9 year olds who are obsessed with chemistry. We are starting to offer a weekly focused Green Chemistry study program but are having a hard time finding a chemist who is willing to work with this young age and who is capable of translating sophisticated scientific concepts to what young children can comprehend easily.


I am reaching out to this forum to hopefully find someone who would fit what we are looking for. Any leads to exceptional students of yours or colleagues would be greatly appreciated.


Here is a link to the school's website:

Here is a link to what has been written about our school: you in advance!


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