Yekaterina Merkulova

looking for PhD who teaches in grade school for grad student event in NY - can be via skype

Discussion created by Yekaterina Merkulova on Oct 18, 2016


My name is Katya. I'm a graduate student at SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn, NY. We are looking for a PhD who teaches in grade school, public or private, who would be willing to share his/her story and talk about a career in teaching with a PhD. This is part of a career development series that we are trying to get going to help students explore careers outside of the traditional academia track that PhD was designed for. Is there a PhD who teaches in the NYC area who would be willing to come speak on a Thursday around 4pm (or another day and time)...or if you are from outside the area, maybe via google video chat or skype?  Does ACS already have something like this? Or does anyone know someone who I should contact? Please let me know!!! Thank you all in advance for your help!!!