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Is there a group at ACS dedicated at implementing the Ellen MacArthur Foundation New Plastic Economy initiative?

Question asked by Michel Johnson on Mar 16, 2017

The Foundation's 2016 report provides a vision on how reducing plastic waste with the overarching vision that plastics never become waste. Instead plastics would re-enter the economy as valuable technical or biological nutrients (see The New Plastics Economy: Rethinking the future of plastics) . There are multiple paths that can be taken in the pursue of this vision but the adoption of plastics as feedstock to a new economy  resting on the expertise of chemists and chemical engineers. Has the ACS endorsed the New Plastic Economy initiative? Is there a review of the report showing which activities chemists and chemical engineers should prioritize to implement the strategy laid our in the Foundation's report?   Who are the scientists within the ACS working to make the depolymerisation  or conversion of plastics into a chemical feedstock a commercial possibility?