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Job Posting:  LC/MS Analytical Chemist

Discussion created by Ronald Porche on Mar 23, 2017

Career opportunity for qualified candidates that have a strong background in LC/MS analysis.  Interested candidates who have any questions may contact Rebecca Nugent at, 225-925-4379 or 225-925-6216.



Job Title:                      Crime Laboratory Analyst 4
Reports To:                  Crime Laboratory Supervisor

Location:                      Louisiana State Police Crime Lab, Baton Rouge, LA

Salary:                         $41,912-$83,408 annually


This announcement is for a position that will be posted to the Louisiana Civil Service Website at some time in the near future.


About the LSP Crime Lab

The Louisiana State Police Crime Lab (LSPCL) is an ASCLD/LAB Accredited Laboratory with three main divisions: DNA, Chemistry, and Physical Evidence.  The LSPCL is the only state lab and serves all agencies within Louisiana. Currently, the lab is staffed with approximately 112 employees made up of analysts, support staff and management.

Position Overview

There are eight Crime Lab Analyst 4 (CLA4) positions within the lab and are occupied by analysts able to conduct advanced level forensic analysis of evidence gathered at crime scenes and to serve as the Technical Leader of a specific forensic discipline within the respective Criminalistics Units.  The CLA4 position that will be available is assigned to the Toxicology Unit under Chemistry.  The Toxicology Unit analyzes blood and urine for the presence of impairing drugs as well as liquid samples for the presence of ethyl alcohol. They utilize a variety of sample prep techniques including solid phase extraction, pipetting, derivatization, and dilution.  The CLA4 develops, validates, and implements very technical methodology for detecting drugs of impairment in blood and urine samples, evaluates and oversees training of new employees, organizes and leads validation projects for new instruments, and is the primary in-house assessor and technician when instruments are in need of maintenance and/or repair.  It is recommended that applicants have experience with following instrumentation: LC/MS/MS, GC/MS, GC-FID, EMIT, ELISA. For specific job qualifications or to set up alerts for this position, click the links below. Code=172900