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During an oxidation reaction, done in a glass Reactor, which produces water and carbon dioxide.  Does the pressure in the reaction vessel need to be retained at a certain level or does it just need to be controllled in a way that the carbon dioxide doesn'

Question asked by Sam Robinson on Jun 5, 2017

Working on a reaction that takes place in a 50L reaction vessel which is an oxidaton reaction that goes exothermix at around 150*C.  I need to maintain the reaction, but I don't want to explode my vessel due to the CO2 produced by the ocidation reaction.  I have the ability to control temperature down to 1*C and have enough cooling and heating capacity in the circulator attached to the reaction vessel to maintain the reaction without it going out of control.  My question is, does the pressure in the vessel caused by the build up of C02 need to be maintained at a certain level to keep the reaction going or can I bleed the C02 off, to maintain a safe internal pressure in the reaction vessel?