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Now that Sigma-Aldrich has been bought by Merck What other chemical suppliers are ACS members using now? Any recommendations?

Question asked by Matthew Thornton on Sep 13, 2017

Hello! I am a biochemist and I was working when Merck/EMD bought Novagen and Calbiochem. They essentially ruined Novagen. Novagen had a lock on all of the plasmids (pET) that people where using for recombinant protein production. We kept the plasmids and used other suppliers for everything else they sold, and now even the pET plasmids are slowly being replaced.  Sigma-Aldrich was bought by Merck/EMD/Millipore and now I have noticed that Sigma-Aldrich is starting to suck. Too many representatives and not offering any discounts on catalog prices for Academic labs.  I was wondering if anyone else had considered what they would do if they needed to buy everything that they used to buy from Sigma-Aldrich somewhere else? I have looked at Avantor, Spectrum, and TCI America.  Does anyone have a preference? Any input would be greatly appreciated!