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    How do I best utilize the ACS to find job opportunities?

    Robert Hoppe
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      I am a recent graduate with a Ph.D in organic chemistry and am finding it impossible to get my foot in the door for an entry level industry position. Can anyone help me to better utilize the ACS to network, find opportunities, or receive resume and interview counseling?

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          Steven Cooke

          The ACS is ONE avenue/network to use.  I would say for "entry" experience the greatest value from the ACS is really the interview training, and resume help (offered at National Meetings, last I was actively involved there).  Getting IN to the interview is always the tough part.  Even simple "network" referrals don't always have "open doors" available.  BUT, you can use contact at National, Regional and Local Section Meetings to find out WHO the primary companies are that need your skills, and possibly even which are hiring, and MAYBE who the right person is to talk to in those companies.


          It all starts with being available, discussing your interests without begging for a job lead, and just asking for general information.  IF anyone knows of opportunities, they are usually quite helpful in at least passing on information for your follow-up.  It may take some time in any case, so don't get too anxious.  The more prospective colleagues know about your capabilities and availability, the more likely it is that they will remember you when a post opens up or a department expands.


          Industry is pretty good about posting openings publicly, so stay on those, and go ahead and get a Recruitment Firm to help (but don't pay TOO much - they are usually paid by the companies to FIND people!).  Even unsuccessful interviews are potential leads and good experience for that final job-landing discussion!  A firm always loves to SAVE that finder's fee (or reduce it) by internal referrals, so that is why it IS good to get to know some people in the types of companies that could hire you - even before an actual position opens up.


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