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    What is an ACS certificate?

    Tyler Richardson
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      My school offers a BS Chem degree and an advanced BS Chem degree which involves an ACS certificate. I graduated with the latter without really knowing what it meant. What can I do with an ACS certificate? How can I confirm that I have an ACS certificate, since they didn't actually explicitly give us a certificate upon graduation? Thank for your help.

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          Houston Kimrey

          Hi Tyler,


          I work with the ACS Committee on Professional Training (CPT), the ACS Governance Committee that approves Chemistry departments across the country. These ACS-Approved departments have the option of offering an ACS-Certified degree track.  The guidelines for a Certified bachelor’s degree, as defined by CPT (available at www.acs.org/cpt), were developed specifically to prepare students for success in a broad array of careers. The ACS requirements focus on breadth and depth of chemical knowledge and they are intended to provide a strong background including chemical knowledge, laboratory competency and safe laboratory practices, oral and written communication skills, familiarity with the chemical literature, and experience with working both independently and as part of a team.


          Now, as to the second part of your question, to confirm that you have an ACS Certificate, the best course of action would be to email us at cpt@acs.org. Be sure to include your name, where you graduated from, and what year you graduated.


          Please let me know if you need anything else.