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How do I find good information about Master's programs in Chemsitry? Financial aid, etc.

Question asked by Christian Alcantar on Jun 18, 2018

I am about to complete my bachelor's in general chemistry. I am unsure of the area of chemistry that I would like to make my career and I do not know if I would like get my PhD as being a professor is not want I currently would like to pursue, so I am choosing to do a Master's degree first in order to better experience the areas chemistry has to offer. I am finding, however, that finding good information about a graduate school program is difficult to find, as well as narrowing down my choices. Many of the University websites that I have visited do not seem to have satisfactory information about the program other than the admissions requirements. I have no preference for location other than the United States, but I do care about the finances involved.


How do I find thorough information about any graduate school that I would like to attend?