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synthetic molecules - real or not?

Question asked by Charlotte Dubais on Jul 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2018 by Blake Aronson

When synthetically making a molecule for use in perfume (ex. the molecule that makes a rose smell like "rose") is that created molecule now "rose?" Like the combination of sodium with chlorine to make table salt. There are articles online saying that synthetically created perfumes are bad because they are made from bad substances, but because they are being combined and therefore transformed into a different molecule is it now the thing that it was combined to be? Is it now a legit rose molecule? I'm very sorry for these convoluted questions. I don't really know how to word them. I've just been reading all about perfume and the statements about the synthetic perfumes being bad for you. Then I came across an article talking about how a perfumer finds naturally occurring scents then isolates the scent molecules to replicate them. This question has been bugging the **** out of me.