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Concern About "at-meeting" discount for Renewal

Discussion created by Aditya Savara on Aug 13, 2018
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Dear Councilors and other ACS Members,


I would like to draw your attention  to something that came as something of a shock to me.  At the 256 ACS national meeting in Boston, the "ACS member lounge" near the registration booth is offering 20% off dues for membership renewal as a *Meeting only offer*.


I was dismayed when I saw this.  In my view, this is exactly in the wrong direction. I already have serious concerns about the disparity between ACS member benefits received by those attending the national meetings and those who don't attend (attendees enjoy discounted attendance as well as member-fee subsidized programming/events by technical divisions).  In contrast, those who do not attend the national meetings rarely enjoy local programming so heavily subsidized by their membership fees.


In my view, providing a 20% off discount for renewal that is accessible only to those who are attending the national meeting is inappropriate. Whether intentional or not, I believe it also shows a callousness towards those who do not attend national meetings.


It is my view that discounts for renewal at national meetings should be strictly banned. In fact, if anything, we should have discounts for the online renewal as it is presumably cheaper for ACS to implement than on-site renewals.


I hope that other ACS members will voice support for my view that member renewal discounts should be banned from national meetings. The simplest way, at present, is to click the like button for this post, or leave a comment.




      Aditya Savara.