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Alex Madonik
It's Annual Report season, and FORMS is down this evening (Monday 21 January 2019).  The URL returns a 404 NOT FOUND error.   It would be nice if a schedule of planned down times could be posted here (or somewhere).   Thanks,   Alex Madonik California Section

LaTrease Garrison
The FORMS system is now available for local sections and technical divisions to submit their 2010 annual reports. This system also allows officers to submit their ChemLuminary nominations. Only officers of each section and division have access.     Local Section Officers go LS Volunteer Resources, select the Annual Reports tab and then
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Arlene Garrison
Welcome to the ACS Senior Chemists Community! Whether you are a member of the Senior Chemists Committee (SCC), ACS staff who are curious about what we are discussing, or an ACS member of any age, you are all invited to join in our discussion. The SCC is involved at the National, Regional and local secion level, and we have an outstanding
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John Garner
Have you ever looked at a microwave oven and wondered if it could be used to manufacture nanoparticles? Microwave electromagnetic radiation generates heat by vibrating the molecules of whatever is placed within range. In a household, most people use this technology to warm up food, such as breakfast burritos. In a lab, however, this same