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Kareem Redmond
2018 Version that includes notes added by Barbara and Carol.

Guillaume Dewaele
Hi everyone! Here is especially for PhD students who will take (or took) qualifying examinations: you may help me. Next Fall I will enter the PhD Program in Chemistry of the City University of New York. Upon arrival, I will take qualifying examinations in each of the following three subjects: Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry - Quantum, and
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John Garner
Antisense oligonucleotides (AS)=O) are synthetic polymers that are short-chain derivatives of DNA or RNA. They can potentially be applied to treating a wide range of diseases by blocking or modifying the synthesis of specific proteins involved in pathological states. However, transporting ASO into the cell where it would work is not easily
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Riley Hogan
So for the first time in a long time I ran out of money just before a gift exchange I completely forgot about. Friend suggested I make something. I like making things! Buuut they're never simple. So I dug out allll the crafting supplies and tools I bought two Christmases ago and eventually I got an idea, but I don't have everything I need just yet