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Mod 2 - Academe presentation feedback (2) - Odom 10-17-11

Mod 2 - Academe presentation feedback (2) - Odom 10-17-11


I have marked up the PowerPoint file -- hopefully, my scratchings are clear!

I think this needs to be reorganized substantially, and some of the content does not seem relevant. The main issue is that there is a mix of unnecessary details (or opinions) mixed in with assumptions that they have already landed the job.

The slides could also be labeled in such a way (maybe at the bottom) to indicate what slide corresponds to the five major talking points in the agenda.

There are also a lot of random slides that don't seem to fit in -- I have marked these as such.

We are also missing the very important point of connections with faculty and influence of the mentors. At R1 universities, we really look at the letters. You could have a stellar CV, but that wouldn't matter as much to get your foot in the door as the "who you know" aspect.


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