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What's JACI?

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Contributed by Tomi Minato, Planning Manager, Japan Association for Chemical Innovation (JACI)


The Japan Association for Chemical Innovation is a public interest incorporated association with members from the chemical industry, consumer products industry, academia and major research institutions of the country. Based on green and sustainable chemistry, JACI promotes various high-quality public businesses that contribute to the creation of technological innovation with the aim of enhancing the sustainable development of society and healthy growth of the economy.

chairman-kobori-150.jpg Greeting from Mr. Hideki Kobori, Chairman of JACI

(President & Representative Director, ASAHI KASEI CORPORATION)

Activities and Member Benefits

JACI is a platform for everyone involved in chemistry where a common awareness of the direction of this new chemistry is shared. Also, innovative technologies are created and intellectual technology bases can be developed through the activities on our platform. Our members have the privilege to obtain activities such as:


In order to promote green and sustainable chemistry (GSC) activities in Japan effectively and powerfully, GSC Network was born in 2000 from a collaboration of academic societies, organizations and national laboratories. Being transitioned to JACI in 2011, GSCN has been playing a crucial role in promoting GSC nationwide.

Major activities focus on those listed below.


  • GSC Awards
    The achievements are awarded either by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, or by the Minister of the Environment, or by the Minister of Education, Sports, Culture, Science and Technology, depending on their achievements. 
  • GSC Student Travel Grant Awards
    The GSC Student Travel Grant Award (STGA) recognizes graduate students who are doing outstanding research in the field of GSC.In addition, a supplementary prize is awarded when students participate in the GSC International Conference or the GSC Asia-Oceania Conference to gain international experience. This year STGA targets AOC-8 which will be held on Nov. 25-27 in New Zealand.
  • GSC Junior Awards
    Excellent presentation on GSC by junior and high school students will be awarded as "GSC Junior Award" at the Chemistry Club Research. Presentation organized by the Kanto Chapter of The Chemical Society of Japan.



  • International Green & Sustainable Chemistry (GSC) Conference
    The 1st GSC International Conference was held in Tokyo 2003. The 7th one came back to Japan again where the organizing committee proclaimed the Tokyo Declaration 2015. The next GSC Conference, the 10th, will be held in Budapest, Hungary in 2021.  
  • Asia-Oceania Conference (AOC)
    In order to build a new industrial technology system with stakeholders in Asia and Oceania, the Asia-Oceania Network was established in 2004. The 1st Asia-Oceania Conference was held in Tokyo in 2007. India, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand and Japan have joined together to hold the upcoming 8th AOC that will be at Auckland, New Zealand on November 25-27, 2020.
  • JACI/GSC Symposium
    JACI holds JACI/GSC symposium in Japan every year with approximately 750 participants. This coming 8th Symposium will be held on June 10-11 under the theme “New Chemistry- Creating Value for the Future Society”.

GSC Instructions

It is essential for the key players in a sustainable society to know what GSC is in a broader manner.

One can learn some social practices based on the achievements of GSC AWARD Winners on GSC Instructions posted. These instructions help one to understand GSC, and have been downloaded broadly—not only by scientists, but also by university classes around the world. 
Introduction to GSC No.1 .jpg

Introduction to GSC No.2 .jpg


JACI issues their newsletter four times a year. Here is a recent article by Dr. Mary Kirichhoff, Director, ACI GCI.


Tomi Minato, Planning Manager of JACI (left) with Mary Kirchhoff, Director of ACS GCI

JACI Activities

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