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Building your Network, i.e. Collecting Contacts/Friending

Building your Network, i.e. Collecting Contacts/Friending

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The ACS Network allows you to collect contacts (or friends). Friending is a two-way process. First, you invite someone to be your friend and then they must accept your request. You can then send them Direct Messages and view their network of friends.

Go to the profile page of the person you want to add as a contact and select Add as Friend.


Once you have added them as a friend, you must wait for the person to approve your friend request.


Once you have been approved, you may view your new friend's Contacts. You may also invite your friend's contacts to become your friend as well.


*You may terminate a friend relationship at any time.

As you begin to develop your list of contacts, you may label and sort them. You may also send them private messages or start private discussions with them.



I'm searching for people with the aim of. "friending" them, but I'm using an iPhone. The mobile-format site is nice, but I don't see an "add as friend" button when looking at what I think is someone's profile. Am I in the wrong place? Are there instructions for mobile? Is this a capability limitation? Thanks.

I think this is a capability limitation. We are looking into how to improve that experience.