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Climate Science Toolkit Presenters

Climate Science Toolkit Presenters

American Chemical Society

Presidential Climate Science Challenge Grant Proposal

ACS Section members, ACS Student Affiliates, and local scientists and science teachers are invited to become involved in the Climate Science Art Competition as scientist-presenters.  Scientist-presenters will meet with each art class or group involved in the competition to provide an introduction to the ACS Climate ScienceToolkit ( 

Scientist-presenters will visit each involved art classroom or art group, and do a short presentation on at least one of the 4 major themes of the Climate Science Toolkit (Energy Balance and Planetary Temperature, Atmospheric Warming, Greenhouse Gases, or Oceans, Ice and Rocks). 

Training sessions will be provided for the scientist-presenters, some of which may be online meetings due to the geographically dispersed nature of our section.  The goal will be to give sample presentations to demonstrate the level of technical content needed by each art audience, and to familiarize the presenters with the Climate Science Toolkit. 

 We will use the sample ACS Toolkit Powerpoints (for Educators and for the General Public) as starting points, along with the Narratives/Vignettes written in less technical language and framed around common questions.

Short content quizzes will be developed and administered as pre and post training surveys to assess the success of the trainings, presentations and activities at the opening.  Attendees will also be asked to give practice presentations.

For more information about being a scientist-presenter, or to volunteer, please contact Erica Harvey (

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