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Sierra Nevada ACS - 1994 Program

Sierra Nevada ACS - 1994 Program

28 Jan. 1994
Dr. Barbara Zielenska
Desert Research Institute
Real World Motor Vehicle Emissions

18 Feb. 1994
Prof. Gary Blomquist
Biochemistry Department, University of Nevada
The Role of Chemistry in Sex: Insect Pheromones

11 Mar. 1994
Mr. Dick Benoit
Oxbow Power Services
Geothermal Geochemistry

21 Apr. 1994
Dr. Mary Ellen Weber
NASA Lyndon Johnson Space Center
Today's NASA Space Program

16 Sep. 1994
Prof. David Swan
Univ. of California, Davis
New Energy Technologies for Transportation

28 Oct. 1994
Mr. Brian Jennision
Washoe County Air Quality Management
Air Quality in the Truckee Meadows

18 Nov. 1994
Dr. Glenn Berger
E.L. Cord Geochronology Laboratory (DRI)
Luminescence for dating geological sediments and volcanic ash beyond the radiocarbon age

2 Dec. 1994
Larry Levin
Dry Creek Vinyards, Healdsburg, CA
Sierra Nevada ACS Winetasting


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